2019 Purposes 🎊 πŸ‘»

Apart from learning to dance, opening my personal blog was one of my 2019 biggest purposes. Although pretty late in the year, it's never too late.

This year was pretty busy, thousands of lines of code, met lots of amazing people in the entrepreneurial world, huge personal and profesional growth within my company Bengala and to be honest, this year is finishing with lots of surprises. We partnered with the disruptive industry 4.0 scale-up Prysmex and launched our bootstrapped project Lavo, we now have more than 400 happy customers.

The team grow!

We started this year my co-founder Gustavo and I, and as of today, 1st of December, our team has grown substantially, we are now 8 engineers and 1 practitioner from UDEM we also launched the Bengala scholarship program and completely remodel our offices.


I became the treasurer of a new non-profit organziation, CETIC and joined CANACO, both chambers reunite businessmen all over Mexico.


This year was my first experience with meetups specially around coding, and I rapidly became a co-organizer for Ember-Mty meetup group, I also gave my first ever international conference when I went to meet the amazing people from Ember - SanAntonio

December is here, let's start organizing stuff for next year, write down some purposes.